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2.19.12 - Added a field to note if an item is lost. Added list box for documents to be listed for each item. Added ability to assign multiple items at a1 time. Added ability to combine employee records.
10.24.11 -Added new report Items In / Out report
10.10.11 - Added new fields for times items are checked in / out. Added new fields for employee hire date and termination date.
2.11.10 - Fixed the Specific Employee Items Report - the report will now print the entire custom verbiage
3.18.09 - Added Item returned date to the receipts, several cosmetic changes, new security file
5.14.08 - add an "Authorize All Items" to the authorize screen, added the custom fields to the customized receipts
2.05.08 - added custom fields to the items screen
8.28.07 - Added 2 fields to the export screen - Emp Dept and Emp Location -
7.16.07 - Fixed problem with inventory control counts, added new fields to the items and employee screens
6.20.07 - Added user security, add users, groups, etc. Added audit logs to log changes to input forms. Added inventory control
1.03.07 - Added an advanced search field to the items list, added a new print preview screen
10.09.06 - Added the ability to mark items inactive
6.06.06 - Add ability to store photos of employees and items
5.20.06 - Added custom employee receipts
5.15.06 - Added ability to customize item receipts


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1.13.10 - Auto tracking wont take focus from other programs. Internal fixes to tracking packages
8.19.08- Added the ability to email the tracking number to recipients. You can define the email template in system defaults
5.16.08 - added new entry fields to the tracking database. You can set auto save webpage in system defaults
2.05.08 - Added auto tracking - the software will check status of all open tracking numbers
-Added Quick Entry - you can enter all tracking numbers without checking status
-Added saving of webpages - when a package is delivered the software will save the results so you can view the status at any time
-New updated look
-fixed minor sorting issues
12.21.07 - Added tracking for TNT
8.03.07 - Added Canda Post tracking, fixed issue with USPS
9.14.06 - fixed issue with USPS site
8.23.06 - Added the ability to set a default opening screen
8.01.06 - Updated software for new UPS page
5.25.06 - Added Reverse Phone Lookup to the phone number lookup screen
5.24.06 - Fixed filtering in the tracking number lookup screen
5.21.06 - Updated small bug with UPS tracking where page wouldnt open
5.17.06 - Updated the help file
5.15.06 - Added currency conversion



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